Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Is Keeping Southern New Mexico From Leading The State In Renewable Energy?

No New Renewable Energy in Southern New Mexico until 2008: Three years after passage of New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) in 2004, El Paso Electric’s Renewable Energy Procurement Plan for 2007 indicates the utility will meet the mandate by purchasing wind energy credits from Pubic Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) which buys the wind energy from Florida Power and Light resulting in no new renewable energy in Southern New Mexico and adding no diversity to EPE energy sources. CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lights Out Las Cruces

Located about 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix, Palo Verde is the nations largest Nuclear plant, supplying electricity to some 4 million customers including residents of Las Cruces, New Mexico. El Paso Electric owns a 15.8% interest in each of the three nuclear generating units at Palo Verde and gets 52% of its energy from nuclear power. Keep in mind that “Palo Verde has been plagued by outages and equipment problems for the past several years.” according to Associated Press reports in April, 2007. CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting the New Mexico Legislature “In Hot Water”

“The focus in NM should be on direct-use (using hot water at the geothermal site) in the industrial and agriculture sectors.“ The economic potential of direct use far exceeds that of electricity production, is more water friendly and has real energy cost savings compared to fossil fuels. CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and Environmental Justice

The Vado biomass plant will collect cow manure from 15 dairies and generate electricity which it will sell to El Paso Electric Company (EPE). “The contract is signed and the project is on schedule” according to an EPE attorney and Lila Garza of Southwest Bioenergy LLC which will build the plant. Three environmental issues associated with this biomass plant are: 1. Improving local waste disposal practices 2. Clean energy production reducing greenhouse gas emissions and 3. Environmental justice. Environmental Justice issues concern lack of government regulation which have resulted in environmental hazards and risks. CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Friday, May 18, 2007

Las Cruces Officials React To Energy Fair

Following the First Annual Las Cruces Energy Fair, the following message was sent to City Officials:

Dear Local Official

The Energy Fair on the Downtown Mall in Las Cruces Saturday was an excellent opportunity to bring energy experts, local officials and the public together.
I missed you at the Energy Fair. If you have a minute could you please answer these questions: CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Governor Richardson’s Energy Policy Needs A “Southern Strategy”

The Governor declared New Mexico the Nation’s leading clean energy State. This campaign rhetoric is a great opportunity for New Mexico clean energy advocates to pressure the Governor to make the rhetoric reflect reality in the State. No better place to start than Southern New Mexico CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post

Monday, May 14, 2007

Purchasing Biodiesel In Santa Fe and Searching For Biodiesel In Las Cruces.

In Santa Fe if you drive a diesel vehicle you pull into the “Giant” station on Cerillos Road and fill up with public and municipal biodiesel users. In Las Cruces, not so simple. CLICK HERE for more...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Geothermal Energy Not New To Las Cruces

“No wasted energy goes up the smokestack and there is zero green house gas emissions. New Mexico has the largest acreage of geothermal greenhouses in the Nation and the State’s geothermal energy would be a good source for manufacturing biofuels” Geologist James Witcher was at the First Las Cruces Energy Fair CLICK HERE for more...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Lovely Day In Downtown Las Cruces -Pros Meet The Public At Energy Fair

Officials should anticipate higher expectations from their constituents in achieving energy solutions in the future after Las Cruces’ First Annual Energy Fair. CLICK HERE for a photo overview of the Fair.

Ben Luce Gets Enthusiastic Reception in Las Cruces

The Southwest Environmental Center was full of citizens eager to learn more about Renewable Energy. His power point presentation was comprehensive covering electrons to the implementation of wind and solar generating plants. CLICK HERE For more & pictures