Friday, July 6, 2007

Break The Grip Field Trip

Tracking the El Paso Electric Rate Case has revealed legal procedures, confidentiality rules and utility company control over the process that curtails public participation and consumer advocacy. I have discussed these issues with PRC Commissioners Sandy Jones and Jason Marks as well as Chief of Staff Danny Mayfield and Consumer Relations Division Chief Juan Rios. These are the decision makers who could make the PRC more user friendly. They seem genuinely to agree with the need for change, especially newcomer and “people person” Sandy Jones. But they are reticent and say they are constrained by the legal department, PRC rules, budgetary limitations and the political power of regulated utility companies in New Mexcio. For several months I have written posts about public access and input to the Public Regulation Commission (PRC).

Over at Break The Grip, Bill Althouse takes us on a “citizen visit” to the PRC in Santa Fe. Check out the trials and tribulations encountered by clicking HERE

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tea With Steve

On an hellaciously warm afternoon in one of the genteel homes that grace the turn of the century Alameda Depot Historic District of Las Cruces, a parlor meeting of invited residents from the Alameda Depot and the more modest, but older Mesquite Historic District was held. The guest of honor was Congressman Stevan Pearce, Republican, 2nd District and Hobbs native.

Standing around before the Congressman addressed the group, was a local historian who claimed lineage to the last hangman of Las Cruces. He informed the homeowner-a retired gentleman who said, “I do the yard work around here.” when introducing himself - that his house was built on the former location of the Park Hotel. This area, once Rio Grande bottom land, was developed after the railroad was built in 1881, hence the need for a hotel to service passenger travelers.
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Clean Energy Act 2007 Survives New Mexican Assault

“The San Francisco Democrats want to run cars with wind”, said Congressman Steve Pearce in a statement opposing the Clean Energy Act of 2007 which would repeal tax breaks for the oil industry and order the Bush Administration to collect past royalties on federal oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico. Pearce wants to preserve corporate welfare for oil and gas extraction by large energy companies which came in the form of tax breaks for Big Oil and was awarded by Congress in 2004 at a time of unprecedented profits in the industry. Despite Pearce’s objection the Bill passed the House. CLICK HERE to be redirected to full post